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Katie offers to keep Thorne on as VP but he states he's not interested. She accepts his decision to stay on helping deal with the new changes.

Donna agrees to take the position as V.P. Katie then asks Ridge to be president but he admits he can't be an executive working for her.

He goes on to explain that he's too upset about the new owner but agrees to remain as head designer. She then offers the position to Brooke who seeks Ridge's approval.

He reluctantly suggests she accept because he doesn't want Forrester to fail. Justin's upset when "The Catwalk's" TV host announces that he's quitting the show.

Emerson explains his fear that his show will be turned into an infomercial for Forrester. Frustrated when the host won't change his mind, Justin calls Bill who orders Donna over to Justin in the studio.

When she realizes she's on the set of "The Catwalk," she boasts to Justin that she loves the television business. He reveals that his host walked out and stuns her with the news that she will be the host of this afternoon's live show.

While she gets ready, Justin calls Pam and asks Stephanie to be today's guest. Bill gives Ridge a hard time about refusing the presidency but Ridge states that he will be the best designer he can be but nothing more.

Bill assigns him to design Katie's "perfect" wedding gown. Brooke chastises Bill for trying to throw his weight around and later tries to be supportive to her husband.

Concerned about him, Brooke makes a mystery call to someone and insists they do what she says.

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The Bold and the Beautiful
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