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Jackie worries to Whip about her past. Deacon is boasting to Steffy about how innocent his wife is. Whip encourages her not to tell Owen, but Nick arrives and eyes the video on the Internet.

Nick insists he "buried that" long ago but Whip claims it just resurfaced.

Nick also urges her not to tell Owen but claims it's just to buy her some time. He reminds her that she was trying to raise her son but Nick warns that if she tells her husband, Owen will never look at her the same way.

They're interrupted by a call from Owen which causes Jackie to hurry to her office. There, Jackie boasts to her husband that their wedding was the most beautiful time of her life.

She then announces that she has one more mistake that she must mention to him.

Unable to tell him, she instead turns her laptop to him and shows him the Internet video and then describes how she relied on men for financial help when she was raising her son.

As Owen turns from her, she asks him to tell her that everything is okay.

Owen angrily states "no." Steffy runs into her brother and both agree that it's time to let their parents be while they get on with their lives.

Thomas jokes that their father has a more active love life than either of them.

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