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Steffy stays by Stephanie's side as she suddenly starts to move and manages to stand up. She says she doesn't remember what happened. When EMTs arrive, Stephanie insists that she doesn't need an ambulance.

She claims that she fainted because she hasn't eaten in awhile.

Though she tells them her name, Stephanie can't remember the date. Steffy worries when one of the EMTs asks if she has a history of stroke.

After they head to the hospital, Pam arrives and Thomas reports that he seems to be the only person home. She confides that leaving Forrester and the family has taken a big toll on her sister.

In the hospital, the doctor announces that a test shows that she had a stroke.

Stephanie denies it and claims that she would know if she suffered one.

When she tries to get out of the hospital bed so she can go home, Steffy forces her to stay. Complimenting her on her designs, Nick tells Bridget that he feels she should be recognized for her invaluable work.

He points out they've had parties for Whip and Stephanie but thinks it's time to acknowledge her.

Grabbing his guitar, Bridget invites Nick to serenade her with a song in her honor. He makes one up on the spot which amuses her.

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