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Ridge promises Brooke he will be back. Brooke is not pleased to find Stephanie at her bedroom door.

She boasts that she has made good on her promise and has Ridge back.

Offering her a drink, Brooke invites her to be her friend after fighting all these years but Stephanie isn't interested.

Ridge joins Taylor at the restaurant and she quickly assumes that he is going back to Brooke.

Ridge explains that he didn't realize this until Brooke headed off for Paris with the kids. He starts to apologize but Taylor claims one isn't necessary.

Ridge offers to come by the house later to talk to the kids about his decision but she claims it's not necessary.

Taylor adds that he'll just get beat up by them because of what he's decided.

After she admits she'll find some way to get past this, Ridge stands, kisses her and then leaves. Whip is speechless at first when Jackie reveals that she is back with Owen.

Nick is stunned when Owen claims that Jackie is firing Whip.

Nick points out that Whip is good at his job and has brought a lot of attention and money to the company.

Owen claims that his marriage is more important than the business but Nick points out that what's most important to him is making his mother happy.

Later, Owen finds Whip with Jackie and announces that he trusts his wife and her love for him completely.

Brooke meets Ridge at City Hall where they make their latest marriage official.

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