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Jane still needs to figure out how to tell Jacqueline that she is leaving for Incite in two weeks. She gets sidetracked when an old article that she pitched about a woman who was raped and now holds weights in the park is brought back around. Jacqueline thinks Jane is asking her about writing it again and through that Jane gets one last assignment at Scarlett. 
She interviews the woman but Jacqueline isn't happy with how it turned out. Kat and Jane have an idea to livestream the woman standing outside with the weights and the people that maybe visit and take the weight off her for a little while. 
It seems to work but Jacqueline isn't happy that no one is showing up. Being present online isn't the same as being there in person. 
Jane finally gets the courage to tell Jacqueline that she is leaving and apologizes for letting her down with the piece. 
Then when Jane goes to visit the woman in the park Sutton and Kat join her. Shortly after Jacqueline shows up and takes the weights from the woman, silently admitting that she was raped too. 
Jacqueline then lets Jane interview her for the magazine, with that being her last piece for Scarlet. As Jane is leaving she sees Jacqueline heading into the building and they share a smile. 
Sutton and Alex need to figure out what their relationship is at the same time that Oliver needs Sutton for Fashion Week and she is trying to make a chance for herself to attend one of the shows. 
Alex asks Sutton out and she finally accepts, they talk about it in the stairwell which leads to kissing and Jacqueline walks in on them. This turns into separate HR meetings with Richard being present for both. Sutton apologizes to Richard at the party for having things turn out that way, when she didn't want him to find out about her and Alex like that. 
Richard says he regrets things in their relationship, specifically the fact that he didn't fight for her. 
Alex sees Richard and Sutton talking and tells her he doesn't want to be the guy who dates her when she loves someone else and they peacefully decide this can't work. 
Oliver sees how hard Sutton is working and how on top of things she is so he gives her the chance to visit a fashion show instead of him. 
The next day at the office Richard and Sutton end up alone in the elevator together and smile.
Meanwhile, Kat is about to reach 2 million followers on the Twitter page for Scarlet. She is excited and even tries to help Jane with her piece by connecting it with the virtual world. 
However she can't stop thinking about why she didn't get on the plane and how she wants an adventure. She keeps going back to that and then finally one day while she is headed to Scarlet she makes the decision. 
She later ends up on a flight to Adena's home country, coming out of the airplane to a new place and she is very excited about it.  
The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Sutton: I'm going to go talk to him right now because I am emotionally mature.
Kat: Show off.

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Jane: You're ridiculous.
Kat: You're tiny.