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Sutton and Jane go into a strip club, Jane wants one of the women that works there to read her feature on her in Scarlet. She left her law firm to work in the club, she said she already read it and wants security to escort them out. 


Kat wakes up in Adena’s place, where she is praying. Adina mentions that she feels guilty because she isn’t one to cheat. Kat says they didn’t cheat because they didn’t have sex, but Adena says she was cheating for a while because she liked Kat from the start. 


Kat fills the girls in, and they are very excited for her. 


Sutton goes to sign her start papers to work with Oliver. She is a little surprised at the starting salary, expecting more. 


Jane can’t understand why Morgan was upset with her writing. Jacqueline tells Jane that on top of that she is also being sued for defamation, or the magazine is because of her. 


Jacqueline says not to apologize, this is business. Jane has to sit down with Richard in legal.


Sutton says her new job makes less than she did prior to. She said she can’t afford to take it. She asks Alex what to do and he tells her she is worth way more than Oliver can afford. 

They practice power poses when Richard walks in on them. 


Jane says she wants to talk to Morgan, which Richard doesn’t think is a good idea. She shows him her notes that were ruined and she didn’t record anything because the club didn’t allow it. Richard tells Jane not to worry because she is just after money.


Kat gets a call from Adena, she says she hasn’t told her girlfriend yet which upsets Kat a little. 


But she gets wrapped up in being called an us and tweets from Scarlet instead of texting the group chat.


Sutton pitches herself to Oliver, saying she brings something special to the table. Oliver says he will think it over. When she returns she sees that her old job has already been taken over by someone else. 


Richard calls Jane to say she is open to a settlement, because Jane doesn’t have the notes to prove anything. Jane does have to appear but she doesn’t want to admit guilt.


Adena tells her girlfriend and Kat is nervous about breaking up their three year relationship. They are interrupted on their date by Adena’s ex calling again and again. Kat ends up leaving. 


Oliver lets Sutton know that he can’t adjust the salary for her.


Jacqueline checks up on Kat, specifically asking how she is but Kat only wants to talk about work. She calls and then texts Adena to say she can’t do it, then turns off her phone.


Jane offends Morgan even more which leads to her suing them directly. 


Adena visits Kat at work, but Kat closes herself off. Kat explains that relationships aren’t her thing and Adena should get back together with Coco.


Sutton gets mad when Jane and Kat tell her to be willing to quit. She tells Jane that she really is judgmental, she didn’t even know that Morgan had a child that got kicked out of his private school after her article. 


Kat tells Sutton that she can stay with her rent free if Oliver doesn’t give her what she wants. And Jane would sublet her room month to month so Sutton would always be free to come back when she can. This way they would become her safety nets. 


Kat is on her way to a work event but can’t stop thinking about Adena. 


Jane goes to apologize to Morgan, admitting that she judged her and didn’t think about her or her family. 


Richard gets told that Morgan agreed to settle.


Sutton pushes back with perks, asking for offset living and lunch three times a week guaranteed overtime and a date in three months where they discuss an increase. If he isn’t okay with that then she would have to pass. But Oliver accepts that Sutton gets her dream job.


The inspirational speech at Soul Wheel pushes Kat to decide to go after Adena. She arrives at her Adena’s apartment. She admits that she has never been in a real relationship before but that she is totally in.

Adena tells Kat that she booked a flight to Paris to work things out with her ex girlfriend.

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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Alex: Okay. Gonna have to bring out the big guns.
Sutton: Please don't take your shirt off.

Don't say I'm sorry when you have nothing to apologize for.