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Jane and Ryan see each other after their kiss. He saves his number in her phone and she calls him right after to set up a date. Jane's date with Ryan is cut short when she finds out that a Councilwoman that she wants to write a feature on is in town and she could possibly get an interview. She doesn't get the chance because Scarlet isn't coinsidered a political magazine. 

She tricks the person representing the councilwoman into getting an interview about fashion, which gets cut short when she asks a question about politics. She also gets into a fight with Ryan when she sees that he is writing a story about women who fake orgasams., thinking that he was using her for her story.

Jane pieces together that the councilwoman wears horrible clothing the day she supports something that goes against what is expected, usually against the enviorment. And because she has a fashion quote, she actually has a feature to post on Scarlet. 

Jane reads Ryan's article and realizes she was wrong about him being sexist. 

Alex tells Sutton about an opening in the fashion department as an assistant, one that she deserves to fight for. She asks Lauren to put in a good word for her but Lauren says they have to wait to talk. Sutton decides to offer her help for Oliver, a designer at the magazine, who takes her up on it.

Sutton is caught up with work, pulling double duty with Lauren and Oliver. Her date with Richard gets cancelled because of it but he still arrives with breadsticks and support.

The next day Lauren confronts Sutton about not being there for her. Sutton decides to go talk to Lauren, expressing how much she really wants this job and Lauren says they will figure out a way to get her this job. 

Kat tells Jacqueline about a VR app idea that she wants Scarlet to be a part of, which sets up a meeting in front of the board for her. It turns out that the VR tech affects women, causing motion sickness if they are on their period. Kat takes that and writes a piece for Scarlet, focusing on how sexist this creation is. 

Sutton is worried about the hate and trolling that Kat recieves because of the article. Kat doesn't seem worried but when they figure out her identity, it causes her to grow uneasy. The trolling escalates into rape threats, and then into a leak of some personal pictures that Kat posted. She feels overwhelmed during the meeting, sharing with Jacqueline what is going on. 

Kat engages with the trolling, thinking she doesnt need to fall apart. The trolls then share Kat's home address, pushing Kat to confront what is going on, She reaches out to Adena, who responds a few days later asking to see her.

Jacqueline talks with Kat. This inspires Kat to reach out to a female CEO that runs a VR company. Together they create a video pointing out that people should tweet with kindness. This also leads to Kat using Emily's VR equipment at her meeting because it is more catered to women. 

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Kamala Harris is the next Elizabeth Warren.


It's a good start. You need to get laid.