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Sutton meets an influencer that she manages to befriend enough to go to a party with her. Things work out well and Sutton makes new friends, networking more than she managed to in the past six months. She goes out again the next night but Brooke ends up charging drugs to Sutton's company card. 

Sutton can't figure out what to do and when Brooke is of no help, she decides to let the charge through. 

Adena and Kat go out to a friend's party but Kat isn't sure how much she knows about her girlfriend. Specifically, she wishes she knew more about Adena's romantic past. Adena doesn't want to tell Kat her number which worries her even more.

They end up in a fight when Kat brings up her insecurity that Adena might cheat on her with someone else like she did with Kat when she was with her ex-girlfriend.

Adena reveals how she is struggling in another country and how much she loves Kat and doesn't want to talk about the past when this is her future. They make up and share I love yous.

Jane becomes unsure when Ben prays in from of her, she seems uneasy with the whole religion thing especially if he is a doctor. She reunites with Ryan who hooks her up with a job, one she can't continue doing when she has to gossip write about someone's marriage.

She leaves Ryan and sees Ben again, explaining that she was told religion would help when her mom was sick and it didn't. Ben and Jane grow closer because of this. 

The Bold Type
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