Kat, Jane, and Sutton Looking At Something New - The Bold Type
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Jane tries to make things right after the article but then becomes a meme based on a voicemail apology. She then has to do an interview and yet ends up still defending her point and throwing Incite under the bus. As a result, she gets fired from her job there. 

Kat has to write a bio about herself and gets into an argument when she and Alex talk about her excluding her race because she doesn't feel it matters. This starts a conversation with her parents and then her and Adena about labels. Kat's parents don't think that labels matter but after talking with Adena an Alex again, Kat realizes that she has essentially been wearing rose-colored glasses.

She decides to say she is black in her bio. 

Sutton gets assigned a photoshoot with some of the best men in the city. The gossip in the office continues though and that affects the way she does her job. After talking to Jacqueline, Sutton realizes she needs to stop listening to lies and successfully does her job. 

Jacqueline gets told by Richard about a board member position that she should try to get, one she doesn't want because it would mean leaving her magazine position. They decide on someone named Cleo instead, someone that doesn't have the same empowering ideals as Jacqueline but someone she still invites for some coffee so they could talk and Jacqueline could make her feel welcome. 

The Bold Type
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