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-After Jane and Ryan have one too many spa days, Alex tells Sutton and Kat he is concerned about their relationship.

-Sage’s friends started a vibrator company called Broads.

-Jane turns down a free vibrator, and Kat and Sutton realize that Alex is right about them having problems.

-Kat thinks Sutton needs to make her Instagram more personal.

-Jacqueline wants to turn Ask Alex into a live podcast.

-Jane accepts a story about a sex club and plans to bring Ryan to spice things up.

-A billboard company Broads’ billboard because it was too profane and Kat wants to help them.

-Alex does his first Ask Alex livestream and it doesn’t go well.

-Ryan agrees to go to the sex club.

-Kat and Sage start a social media campaign to help Broads.

-Sutton feels like she is two different people and can’t figure out which one is really her.

-Kat gives Alex advice on how to make the podcast better.

-An erectile dysfunction company threatens to sue Scarlet after people threaten to boycott it following their campaign to help Broads.

-Ryan changes his mind about going to the sex club when he realizes Jane is doing it to try and help him.

-Sutton and Richard decide to use a vibrator that Richard can control via an app.

-Kat captures the “real” Sutton and encourages her to embrace it.

-Jane kisses someone else and hated it.

-Ryan comes to the sex club. Jane tells him about the kiss and declares it is time to move on, seducing him at the club.

-Jacqueline sees a picture of Ian with another woman.

-Jacqueline encourages Kat to have balance in her life.

-Alex takes Kat’s advice and changes up how he does the podcast.


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