Jane and her Wine - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 1
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-Jacqueline is MIA. 

-Patrick announces that Jacqueline has been removed as Editor-In-Chief and he has replaced her.

-The Bold Babes are on a mission to get Jacqueline reinstated.

-The rest of the magazine is looking to The Bold Babes to fix the situation.

-Sutton is freaking out about losing Jacqueline and Richard at the same time.

-Jane goes to see Jacquleine.

Jacqueline still plans to attend the walk against domestic violence that she organized while at Scarlet.

-RJ tells Kat that they aren't releasing Jacqueline's last issue.

-Jane wants to find a copy of the issue to show Jacqueline so she can see how important she is to Scarlet. 

-The Bold Babes go to the printers to try to find a copy before they destroy it.

-They have to sneak into the printers. 

-Jane is honest with the security guard who read the last issue and thought it was incredible, so she lets them steal some copies. 

-Jacqueline's husband encourages her to take a break and offers to go back to work. 

-The Bold Babes distribute copies of the magazine to the models they used in the issue so they can see themselves in Scarlet. 

-Someone they gave the issue to leaked it to the press.

-RJ is looking for the leak.

-Sutton goes to Richard for help. 

-Kat wants to make a case that firing Jacqueline is bad for business, and she does. 

-Jacqueline is reinstated, but to an all digital Scarlet.

-Patrick leaves Scarlet.

-Ryan cut his book tour short.

-Richard is officially getting ready to leave.

-Adena asked Kat for space.

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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Richard: That's new.
Sutton: I stress stole it.

Sutton: We absolutely have a plan, we're ironing out the details.
Andrew: So I can't lose this job because I can't do anything else.