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-Jane is starting to feel like herself again.

-Kat is packing up her stuff to move to Jane’s apartment.

-Mile’s wrote a very vivid story about his brief renewed relationship with Jacqueline and Ian found the magazine with it in her nightstand.

-Richard bought a baby book just in time for their first ultrasound.

-Scotty2Hotty and Jane have a sexual tension filled elevator ride.

-Sutton gets hired to style a mom and her son for his kindergarten graduation.

-Kat runs into a woman, Penny Davenport, who runs a domestic violence shelter and pitches her for a talk at The Bell.

-Kat pitches an idea for a podcast of her talking to women who are members at The Bell and gets the greenlight to do an episode to test it out.

-Jane admits she is attracted to Scotty2Hotty. Kat encourages her to get out there for casual sex so she doesn’t accidentally sleep with him.

-Sutton and Richard find out that she had a miscarriage

-Kat overdrew her accounts.

-Sutton is acting like she is fine.

-Kat and Jane go on a double date.

-Sutton pretended to go home and rest but really she went to work on her styling gig.

-Jane and Kevin go back to her place and are fooling around but when he tries to touch her new “friends” she stops him.

-Kat goes back to Safford to meet with Alex.

-Jacqueline admits to Ian that she felt seen by Miles.

-Kat donates clothes to the domestic violence shelter.

-Jane opens up to Scotty2Hotty about what has been going on with her and he encourages her to find a support group.

-Kat decides to sell her stuff so she can get the equipment for her podcast.

-Jane wrote a piece about her experience to attract others who have gone through the same and plans to meet them at The Bell.

-Ian steps up to make Jacqueline feel seen in his own way.

-Sutton finally starts to feel the pain, both physically and emotionally.

-Jane’s people show up.

-Jane buys Kat’s couch “Connie” for her.

-Sutton feels relieved about not having the baby.


The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Sutton: Yeah, that’s crazy. No, I know it’s crazy, it is, but I have to do it because, um, because I don’t feel anything.
Jane: What do you mean?
Sutton: I just keep waiting for this tidal wave of emotions to hit me, and I’m not angry or mad or sad or any of the things that you’re to be about a miscarriage I just feel numb, and I really don’t want to feel numb, so I’m gonna go dress this little boy and then you know maybe then.
Kat: You’ll feel something?

Sutton: It’s a baby book with baseballs. We’re not gonna find out the sex for a while, you know.
Richard: I know, I know, but boy, girl, nonbinary, they will be required to love the Yankees.