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-Kat publically proposes to Jane to get her to talk about Ryan. They haven't had sex since Ryan came back from the book tour.

-Jacqueline and Ian try to work out the kids' schedules with him leaving.

-Jacqueline doesn't think that RJ is going to be happy about the numbers since switching it digital.

-Scarlet is covering the New York City Marathon and using regular people as models for the photoshoot. 

-Jane, Kat, and Sutton watch the New York City Marathon from the sidelines and drink Bloody Marys.

-Alex and Andrew are beginning a bromance.

-Chloe, a delivery woman who is transgender, tells Kat that she qualified for the race as a woman but was still registered as a man and didn't qualify under the male category.

-Jane wants to write about her and Ryan's no sex marathon for the marathon issue.

-Ryan suggests he and Jane have tantric sex. One of his hockey teammates said it saved his marriage so he thinks it might help.

-Kat buys Chloe's way into the marathon.

-Sutton is frustrated that Oliver is treating her more like an assistant than a stylist.

-Jane is uncomfortable with the tantric sex.

-Chloe doesn't want to run the marathon if she isn't able to run as herself.

-Jane and Kat are butting heads over Jane being culturally insensitive.

-Sutton thinks Jane needs to talk to Ryan about what happened the night he cheated. Ryan tells her the woman kissed him, and he kissed her back, then immediately regretted it.

-Kat goes to one of the coordinators of the marathon to fight for Chloe.

-Sutton speaks up to Oliver, and he tells her that she needs to be patient until he can promote her to a stylist.

-The marathon committee accepts Chloe in. 

-Ryan couldn't get it up when he and Jane tried tantric sex again.

-Kat and Jane think Sutton should try to be a fashion influencer.

-Jacqueline and Ian admit they aren't happy.

The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: I could do a story about that community.
Alex: Community of lazy drunks?

Kat: Oh, Sutton, this tiny little handcuff is gorgeous.
Sutton: I know it's perfect.
But is it gorgeous enough for us to forget that it is a symbol of patriarchal oppression?
Sutton: Yeah.