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-Richard comes home from San Francisco.

-Oliver is still upset with Sutton.

-Jane’s brother Evan is in town and is going to meet Ryan.

-Jacqueline gets a tarot card reading from Scarlet’s new astrologer.

-Sage and Alex debate whether love is fate or free will.

-A teenage boy, Travis, that Adena had photographed at a protest to fight an anti-LGBTQ law in Alabama, was sent to conversion therapy by his parents following the protest and then killed himself. Adena asks Jacqueline for help to get his story out there.

-Evan confronts Ryan and Jane about Ryan’s cheating. Jane pushes Ryan to try to get along with him.

-The legal department shuts down the story about Travis, so Adena goes to Kat for help, but she turns her down.

-Ryan and Evan go out for drinks.

-Jacqueline tells Kat about Travis, so she changes her mind about helping Adena.

-Jacqueline has dinner with Miles.

-Sutton is neglecting Richard for work.

-Kat comes up with an idea to create a collage to honor Travis’ memory without exposing him and putting them at legal risk.

-Jacqueline and Miles reminisces about their sexy past, and Miles wants to hit fast forward.

-Ryan catches Evan kissing a woman at the bar, and finds out Evan and his wife are separated because of his wife’s infidelity. Evan asks Ryan to keep it a secret.

-Alex pushes Jane on Ryan’s cheating as research for his podcast.

-Richard and Sutton are opposites when it comes to wedding preferences.

-Sutton blows off wedding planning for work, upsetting Richard.

-Adena reveals she was sent to conversion therapy by her father.

-Kat and Adena pursuing Travis’ story gives Jacqueline the courage to pursue Miles.

-Alex owns up to his mistake of pushing Alicia way and asks for another chance.

-Adena apologizes to Kat and reassures her that as a friend, she loves her for who she is.

-Alicia heard Alex’s podcast in a taxi, by fate.

-Miles and Jacqueline have phone sex on the way to meet each other then go back to his place.

-The astrologer tells Jacqueline she gave her the wrong advice so she could feel like she was controlling her life by doing the opposite of the advice.

-Legal still rejected Kat and Adena’s photo, despite Travis not being used.

-Evan comes clean to Jane, and it bothers her that Ryan was able to lie to her without her realizing.

-Sutton is going to move to San Francisco, and she and Richard are going to get married at their spot.


The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Jane: Well, I believe in birth order. Ryan and I are having lunch with my brother Evan today. I have to be on time because, as the oldest, he is the most type-A Sloan.
Sutton: More type A than you? Not possible.
Kat: Ok, what comes before the letter A?

Sutton: Ok, what does mine say?
Jane: Probably that Richard is coming home tomorrow, and you’re kicking us out at 7:00 am for a long-awaited bang fest.