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The Papal army has been humiliated by its retreat. The Borgias' allies have melted away. Even the Cardinals jump like rats from a sinking ship. The Pope is left with only his wits and his piety.

Alexander meets the invading French King alone in the vast space of St. Peter’s. The Pope is either infused by the Holy Spirit or plays the political hand of his life. There’s no telling which, but either way he inspires Charles to not challenge the sanctity of the Vatican. King Charles is coroneted in the Vatican as ‘King of France and Naples.’ To Della Rovere’s despair, Charles leaves Rome untouched and marches south to his real target – Naples.

With the current danger passed, the Borgias are back in the game; new alliances must be formed and the first order of business is to divorce Lucrezia from Sforza. Giovanni is humiliated into “confessing” that the marriage was never consummated because of his “impotence." And, as the family attends the nunnery where Lucrezia gives birth to a baby boy, a new generation of Borgia is sent into the world.

The Borgias
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The Borgias Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I serve God, and can only pray the Papacy survives its current occupant.

Della Rovere

Cesare: Micheletto, seems I am not Papal legate after all.
Micheletto: Then what are you, your Eminence?
Cesare: Seems I am nobody, Micheletto. Either that, or a hostage.