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Eight years ago. There is French music playing. Frenchie is making drugs with the girl with the dark hair.

He learned everything he knows from The Golden Girls.

Today, Frenchie is removing Annie's chip.

Some dude has just burgled, and while he's in an alley trying to count his cash, the lovebirds arrive -- Homelander and Stormfront.

She jacks him off while he has his face pressed against a dude's face, which he subsequently crushes. They pound one out in the alley next to his bloody corpse.

Butcher and Kimiko watch behind the scenes interviews with the gory duo.

Annie cannot believe the hovel where the Boys are living. Annie greets Kimiko who stares her down before embracing her in a hug.

Butcher says hello and reins it in a bit before asking what she's doing here. She notes the emails she read from Stan Edgar about the Sage Grove Center. Surprisingly, Butcher asks Starlight to join them on their little caper.

He wants Vought to go after Starlight if things go sideways.

Never go into shark infested waters without chum.

Brave Maeve Pride Bars because you can't be proud on an empty stomach. That's what Maeve is watching in her trailer when The Deep aka Kevin arrives with news he's gleaned from a school of halibut, rowdy mother fuckers, according to him.

He gives her the wreckage they found. It seems to be the black box. She says if he wants back in the seven, not a fucking word of this to anyone.

Ashley is watching some white dude singing the A-Train anthem. She's so into it.

The Deep runs into A-Train and commiserates with him. Mentions the weird shit he did that he isn't proud of before dangling the help of his church mentor. A-Train bites, and Deep whips out a Fresca.

Sage Grove is a subsidiary of Vought. The Boys are on the property.

Butcher tells Frenchie not to get caught, and Frenchie flashes back to the past when Grace was interrogating him.

The brunette's name is Cheri! Grace threatens sending his golden girls to Florence supermax if he doesn't help.

Homelander wants Stormfront, but she disses him for a while, which throws him.

She has his heart-shaped rose bouquet in her trailer. He's smitten.

Butcher imagines shooting Starlight. He's got issues.

Kimiko, Frenchie, and Mother's Milk are dressed as orderlies and just waltzing through the place.

Starlight wants to know what the problem is between them. She calls Butcher on his belief that the only good Supe is a dead Supe. She calls him a bigot and a bully, comparing him to Homelander.

Stormfront arrives just as the trio gains access to the control room.

The place is filled with detained Supes. One poor bastard has, as MM says, a love sausage -- a dick thicker than a soup can that dangles beyond his knee.

Kimiko sees Stormfront and freaks out. MM calms her.

When Tim talks back to Stormfront, Lamplighter lights up the poor guy. Frenchie recognizes him and freaks, but MM calms him too. They stick to the plan.

Lamplighter and Frenchie lock eyes in the hallway, and all hell breaks loose.

Lamplighter inadvertently let Sadie out of her cell. He asks her to be cool. She doesn't want to be cool even after he mentions the extra helping of kraft shells and cheese.

She crushes heads with her hands from afar. That's fun. Everyone runs, and she lets all of the Supes out.

A Supe who vomits acid makes it into the room, and Kimiko stomps on his chest so that he melts himself. Lamplighter says they can come with them.

A random Supe is out by the van. He's scared, and Butcher says they're all friends, right? But then the guy Supes 'em before Butcher shoots him. Butcher is worried about Hughie, and he and Starlight discover Hughie with glass in his abdomen. They're on the hunt for someone to help.

Homelander is getting angry in the trailer, and he mutiliates it. Stormfront arrives just after and they passive aggressive each other.

The Deep and A-Train let out their frustrations over each other. A good old truth exchange, the church dude says, but A-Train isn't interested.

Frenchie was tailing Lamplighter the night he burned some kids, and the Supe says maybe Frenchie likes watching too since he didn't stop him.

Five years ago, MM is showing Frenchie his engagement ring. Grace congratulates him. When Lamplighter walks in, they all laugh their asses off. He looks like a majorette.

Was Lamplighter one of The Seven? They are asking him to spy on Homelander.

Starlight is flagging down a driver. It's Monk's partner! Things go badly, and Starlight kills the guy after getting her power back from the car juice. Even Butcher feels bad for a bit.

Frenchie is shopping in the pharmacy.

Yep. Lamplighter was in The Seven. He admits that he never told anyone about that night, which is why nobody went for The Boys.

It turns out that the guy didn't know there were kids in the bed. It was supposed to be a boss. He's pretty cut up about it. Once they started screaming, it was too late.

Lamplighter really wants to know why Frenchie didn't stop him. MM does, too. It's because Cheri called him. Jay was ODing, and Frenchie want to them. He abandoned his gig.

Butcher thanks Starlight who responds with sarcasm. When she was looking at the guy, all she was thinking was "why did you pull the gun, you stupid fuck." Once upon a time, she would have cared, but now he was just a guy in their way. She sees the look on Butcher's face and gets angry. No, they're nothing alike. Nothing.

Lamplighter says that they aren't creating Supe Terrorists, they're trying to stabilize the V so that any adult injected will have solid powers.

Frenchie admits what happened with his friend that night. He was gone for ten minutes, and when he got back, Lamplighter was gone.

He doesn't want to be left off the hook.

The soup can dick guy can wield that thing like a snake.

The gang can't get away from Sadie (or maybe Cindy?), but Stormfront arrives calling for Lamplighter. He lies to her, keeping the others safe.

Hughie is in the hospital. He just needs a couple of days for something to kick in. Butcher and Starlight talk about Hughie's kid shampoo and his Axe cologne. Butcher says every morning, he slathers his ass with creamy Desitin. He never gives up on you and follows you around like a right little pup, too good for either of them.

Elena wants to borrow Maeve's cell phone, and she sees the black box footage in which the passengers say they're being left by Homelander and Maeve. She's horrified.

Nothing Maeve says makes it any better.

The Boys trio is in the woods, on the phone with Butcher. Frenchie admits to Kimiko that he tried to save her to absolve his sins. He knows that won't work, so he'll leave her alone. She almost speaks.

Grace meets them in the woods. She wants to know where he is. She pulls a gun on Lamplighter. She thought it was behind her, but it's not. He wants her to do what she has to do. She'd be doing him a favor.

Frenchie begs for Lamplighter's life. She has no choice, she says. Frenchie says killing him is just ending his torment, and Grace cannot punish him as much as he punishes himself.

Stormfront wants to apologize and explain to Homelander. He wants to know why she doesn't break easily, and she says she'll never lie again.

She opens her trunk and shows him her past, including her daughter who died of Alzheimer's a few years ago. Stormfront was born in 1919 in Berlin. She married Frederick Vought. She got the first successful V injection. Stormfront wants to fight race with Vought's true destiny.

She says Homelander is everything they dreamed of. So she loves him with all of his heart. How could she not? Everyone she loves is in the ground, but now they found each other and neither one of them ever has to be alone again.

Sadie/Cindy is out and hitching a ride.

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The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Never go into shark infested waters without chum.


Cheri: Awww. You're sensitive.
Frenchie: No! Those saucy ladies, they made their own family, so I did what they did.