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Adam puts together a plan to try to save Jaz from her captors. He's trying to get her out before the captors leave the parking garage of the hotel. He was not successful.

The team regroups while Jaz tries to keep it together. Patricia wants to pull Adam and the team out. He has no interest until they get Jaz out. Patricia meets with the French Ambassador because Jaz fell back on her French and Iran suspects she is a spy. Patricia denies knowing anything about this woman.

The Washington team works to figure out where she was taken. Jaz is an all-white cell. Very disorientating. 

Jaz is being held in an all-white sensory deprivation room and is being tortured because she's not answering questions.

Patricia tells Adam he's got to leave Iran but they need to figure out how to get Jaz back. The Iranians know that a team of US operatives are in the city.

Jaz gives her best bitch face when the bad guy talks to her. He tortures her a bit more but she holds her composure.

Adam has immersed himself and Preach wants him to take a break, but Adam goes back to listening to tapes. They figure out she might be in a site at a slaughterhouse.

Adam is very direct in asking a source where the black site is. He shoots him in the leg. After he gets the info he needs, McG patches the guy up. They know where Jaz is at.

The bad guy shows Jaz pictures of her with the team. He shows her a picture of a dead Adam and tells her they tortured and killed him because of her. She knows it's a ruse. They are going to up the torture ante.

Amir is at the slaughterhouse getting intel. Hannah and Adam tell Patricia that Dalton's chances of saving Jaz are zero. They are in great danger.

Dalton comes up with a new plan that the others have a hard time getting on board with, but eventually, they do.

The guy tells Jaz that her people have outed her as an American spy. They take her out of the room to a truck. Dalton and his team are waiting for them to leave the facility. Amir and Hussein follow.

Patricia is called out for giving up Jaz. Adam puts his plan into place to save Jaz. They get to her. She killed the bad guy before passing out. The team takes off. Now they have to get to Turkey to escape.

Hussein gives up his life to save the team when the going gets rough and they escape. They clear the border and get home.





The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We want to save Jaz? We do it ourselves.


Westerners call this white torture or sensory deprivation. I prefer to look at this as a blank slate. Give me truth, and we fill in some color together.

Bad guy [to Jaz]