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An American doctor is performing surgery then checks patient's eyes. She's with Doctors without Borders. She leaves back to her hotel, talks to her husband on the phone, but the driver keeps driving past her turn then stops and runs out the car. The husband hears everything going on. She's being hijacked by rebels. Her name is Kimberly Wells.

At the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA Director Patricia Campbell is listening to the call. She's got two team members coming in who are concerned because Campbell lost her son a few days before. Campbell tells the team what they need to do.

The special ops team are in Turkey. Captain Adam Dalton is talking to his dog. He gets a call from Patricia and they discuss the mission. Dalton calls his team which consists of Preach, Agent Amir Al-Raisani, McG, and Jaz. They all gather at ops headquarters. Patricia tells them they have no backup. The team gets ready for the mission.

The team is all packed and heads out. The Washington team works on finding where to get the men who took Wells.

The hijackers let Wells out of the car to vomit.

Hannah finds who the driver was. They have surveillance on where Wells was taken. She was taken into a dangerous zone where they cut off Americans' heads.

Noah is giving everyone a rundown of what happened and how it's related to a big bad of the show.

The team is on the ground doing surveillance on where the driver might be. The Washington team watches. Jaz and Amir follow th suspect while Mike is giving directions. McG and Preach wait on a roof guns ready. Preach is listening to what's going inside the building. Shots ring out in the apartment and Jaz lets the guy walk when he comes down the stairs.

Amir goes into the apartment to find the driver and his family killed. The guy who killed him is on the move. He's the lieutenant to the big bad. They follow him.

The hijackers go into the room they are holding Wells to check her out. Jaz and Amir follow the lieutenant.

Noah tells Dalton he's about to lose visual in D.C. and does.

The lieutenant realizes he's been followed. Amir and Dalton take the guy down. They now have a hostage and take him someplace. Amir is going to act like he's a high up in the organization to get information from the hostage. He's being brought in like a hostage too. He pretends he's Khamel Benin and tires to engage the other hostage.

They pull the hostage out to "beat up" Amir. They continue the plan to try to get the guy to talk. Amir is hurt and is trying to break out of his shackles. the guy starts talking.

Amir breaks the shackles and works to escape. The other guy wants to come with and Amir takes off his shackles. Amir leaves the room. The other guy follows. 

The guys takes Amir hostage and the team follows. They are heading to the big guy's compound and the team has to act so Jaz takes a shot and kills the guy because Amir can't get to the compound. Jaz takes the guy out.

Despite the danger, they found where Wells is being held.

A woman comes in with guards and takes Wells. The Washington team watches them take Wells away in a car. The convoy is taking her somewhere. The ground team follows. The convoy with Wells is driving arrive at a hospital. Dalton and his team watch from a safe distance. Wells is taken inside.

Amir and Jaz get inside through the front door. Dalton tries to get in through a side door. Washington figures out that the woman was Baghtadi's wife and that Wells is being used to perform surgery on Baghdati. 

Wells tells Baghdati's wife she can't perform the surgery, but the wife threatens her to perform the surgery.

Preach and McG get ready. Jaz, Dalton and Amir are inside. The team has lost contact with Washington. In Washington Campbell is told that the team has to be retasked. They are to kill Baghdati and forget the girl. Patricia tells them how they get Baghdati is their call so Dalton figures out a plan to save Wells while still getting Baghdati.

They execute their the first part of the plan to save Wells and are successful. Meanwhile the woman gets her husband out of the hospital and they execute the second phase of the plan and kill Baghdati.

Wells is reunited with her husband. The team is celebrating on a beach when a guy with a truck bomb heads their way. Hannah alerts Dalong, but he already sees it and demands everyone grab the kids and get off the beach. The truck blows up.






The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Amir, doesn't it make you angry that you pray in a mosque next to a guy who might blow off your head one day?


I know this isn't where we wanted to be, but we had no choice.