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McG has some drinks and takes a woman to his room (or hers). They're in Spain. She has a problem and wants him to solve this problem. Her dad wants to defect.

He passes the info to Dalton and they go to Patricia.

Dalton and the team meet with the dad who is a spy and wants to defect. They question him. Patricia never heard of him.

He gives some information and Patricia gets on it. Dalton doesn't know what to do and is looking for advice. It could be a trap.

Noah is going to be a cover operative to see what James is all about. She's supposed to be a spy for Russia as well and she's part of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Amir is with the Russian spy dad while Dalton and Jaz are looking out. They still think they might be set up.

Turns out that it's going to be a hit on Ivan. Amir gets him out of the office to safety. Dalton follows the other guy. Jaz is watching with her rifle.

Dalton takes down a guy who almost attacks Amir and Ivan. Turns out the hitmen were South American.

Hannah breaks into James' apartment to see what she can find.

Noah takes James out to lunch. Patricia wants more information from Ivan. Noah goes rogue, but Megan knows his number. She wants to know what he knows and who he is. He crashes the car into a dump truck. He now has the upper hand.

They take down the guys who were going after Ivan.

Patricia isn't going to let Ivan defect. Dalton is not happy.

Hannah wants to know how Noah felt being out in the field.

Ivan is with his daughter and is shot. It turns out that Dalton's team "shot" him to defect him unofficially. Ivan's "dead" now.








The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dalton: Any girl. You could've picked any girl in Spain. Instead, you pick the half-Russian spy daughter.
McG: Technically, she picked me.

Patricia: In the meantime, your team are ghosts.
Dalton: Boo.

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