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- The killer hasn't contacted anyone for two days. Marco and Sonya aren't sure if he hasn't called or if Frye is keeping the information to himself. Marco steals Frye's phone and the killer calls and talks to Sonya. 


- Gina Meadows is arrested for shoplifting and bailed out by her father. She goes to Mexico and is almost kidnapped and held for ransom. She is saved and shown the pink crosses of the dead in Juarez. She returns home and finds her father dead. She said the Beast killed him. He was Gedman's shrink.


- Charlotte goes to Marco for help about the tunnel, but he tells her to wait it out. Then, she calls an old lover to come for a visit.


- Marco's wife kicks him out for sleeping with Charlotte. She tells her step-son he can stay with her. Marco goes and sleeps on Sonya's couch.


- Linder is attacked for helping rescue Eva. He kills his attacker and then is ambushed while burying the body. 

The Bridge
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The Bridge Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Twenty minutes, then we'll talk about the beheadings.


Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.