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Eleanor gets picked up by one of Fausto's men and she's taken to the cartel leader. She worries that he thought she betrayed him, but he understands why she killed her handler. She's helping Fausto because he's holding someone she cares about behind bars.

Benjamin DeLarge, the banker who Eleanor visited, gets nervous after Daniel stops by looking for answers about the connection between the bank and the cartel. Benjamin kills himself. Sonya and Marco get a lead from the phones Benjamin left behind. They go to a corporation Benjamin called and the CEO is Mr. Cerisola, the same man who wanted Marco's help finding Eleanor.

Cerisola gets Marco alone and tells the officer that they had Eleanor back. He's not upset by Marco's visit, instead he believes it proves Marco's a good investigator.

The man who killed Sonya's sister dies. She's upset she wasn't there when it happened and gets mad at Jack. When Jack comes to apologize she wants him to strangle her during sex and he complies. While she sleeps, Jack steals one of his brother's drawings off the fridge.

Ray and Charlotte prepare to leave town and go to Alaska over the stolen drugs. Fausto isn't upset about the stolen drugs, so they don't have to leave. He has a new job for them.

Abelardo contacts Marco about helping bring down Fausto. Marco refuses to help at first, but when he finds out Eleanor is back with the cartel, he agrees to help. He will help Abelardo bring down Robles first and if they succeed, he'll consider going after Fausto. Marco offers to contact Eva about testifying against the cops who harmed her.

The Bridge
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