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An old friend of Max's, Gregor Malatov, came back after a prison sentence to retrieve the cape, which Max took back from him years ago.

After learning The Cape's identity, Gregor trapped Max in a water tank and took over the circus to lure him. Gregor and Vince struggled, and Vince temporarily lost possession of the cape, but managed to get it back and take Gregor out - although refusing to kill him.

Trip started a new school, where the kids are teasing him calling him the son of Chess.

Peter officially put a hit out on Orwell.  Orwell had to destroy her lair because ARK tracked her signal.

Dana interviewed a convict who said he was a witness that Vince wasn't Chess.  Dana took the information to Marty.

Vince overheard Dana's boss telling her he wanted to take Trip to a ball game.

The Cape
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The Cape Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

So I open the door for you and this is the thanks I get.

The Cape

Straight jackets fall off me as easy as a prom girl's dress.