Peter, after already receiving a contract to run the police force, is pursuing control over the jails, but the Secretary of Bureau of Prisons, Patrick Portman, is standing in his way.

Vince breaks into Peter's apartment searching for information, and is confronted by Peter.  Peter's newest henchman, Cain, aka The Chef, throws a strictnine-laced knife at Vince, poisoning him just before he leaps from the building. Orwell rescues him and sees a tattoo on Cain's arm.  She takes him to Max for help, but then flees the scene before anyone can see her.

Max was angry with Vince for his risky actions and refused to give him the cape back.  Max bought train tickets for Vince to flee with his family, but Vince wouldn't give up, and left without the cape.

Vince and Dana each had flashbacks of earlier moments together, such as when they brought Trip home after he was born.

Orwell realized the tattoo on Cain's arm was proof that a secret society of killers called The Tarot exists.

Vince did some research into poisons and took steps to develop and immunity.  He also created a mask for his ensemble, and set out to go find Cain.  He was directed to a bar to meet a confidant, but everyone in the bar got poisoned by Cain.

Dana struggled with Trip, who keeps waiting to hear from The Cape.  Since Vince was falsely outed as Chess, Dana tried to find a job using her maiden name, which upset Trip. She decided to use her real name, and fought for, and won, a job in an attorney's office.

Impressed with Vince's tenacity, Max gave him the cape back, but warned him to only view the cape as a tool.

Orwell went undercover as a food critic to try and prevent Portman from getting poisoned, but Cain recognized her from having rescued Portman from his earlier attempt on his life. Cain took her back to the kitchen and assaulted her.  The Cape arrived and intervened, capturing Cain and saving Orwell, who in turn took Portman's food away before he could eat it.

Portman was able to deny the motion to turn the jails over to ARK Corp control.

Dana had a heart to heart with Trip about never forgetting the kind of man his father was.

The Cape
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The Cape Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

One man can't make a difference with a tag on his toe.


Store Clerk: You're a superhero! What do they call you?
Vince: The Cape.
Store Clerk: The Cape?'ll work on it.