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We open up with Alice at an art night and she's dressed to impress. She is chatted up by a man who then goes into the back and steals one of the paintings she loves, but he doesn't get very far when she is hot on his tail and arrests him, taking the painting back. 

Alice's beau is Benjamin, who she is getting married to. Benjamin goes to meet the woman he's really in love with and she tells him that it's time for him to cut Alice loose, take everything she owns and they can both move on. 

Alice returns home and realizes that her money is gone, but she is even more shocked when she checks for Benjamin's belongings and he's taken everything. 

As she fights back tears, she meets up with her co-workers who she confides in and they try to figure out how and why it could happen. Throughout their search they find that the man who has been romancing her is the elusive Mr. X who has been one step ahead of them throughout their investigation. 

Alice tracks him down to an up market party, but he gets away from her when the electricity is cut. 

The team debate whether to tell their clients that all the details have been stolen because it would be unethical not to, but they manage to switch all the details over before he takes anything. 

Alice returns home that night to find the painting she loved and is shocked that he got it for her, but she declares that it's game on.

The Catch
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