Another Big Daily - The Challenge: All Stars
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Trishelle apologizes to Aneesa for racially insensitive comments in the past.

Aneesa accepts the apology.

At the daily, it's a trip to the past as the questions center on previous seasons of the series.

In the end, Nehemiah and Aneesa both win.

As the first female to fall, Trishelle is thrown into elimination.

At the deliberation, Kendall is thrown in against Trishelle.

Trishelle complains that Katie didn't tell her what happened and the two friends become embroiled in a huge argument.

In the end, Katie says she doesn't feel like they are on the same wavelength any more and have a falling out.

At the elimination, Kendall steamrolls Trishelle, leading to quite the turn of events.

Trishelle leaves the arena with her head held high.

Kendall says that the elimination gave her the drive to do better.


The Challenge: All Stars
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