The First Challenge - The Challenge: USA
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The competitors make their way to the house. We have people from Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.

At the first daily competition, Azah and Kyland are automatically thrown into elimination for coming in last place.

Tyson and Angela steamroll and think they can run the rest of the game together because they win the daily.

This causes a bit of drama when the other competitors wonder who will go into the elimination.

Shannon has made comments that make people think she wants to leave the game.

At the elimination, Angela and Tyson choose Cely and Javonny to compete against Kyland and Azah.

We learned that whoever wins gets to take the money from the other contestants.

Kyland and Azah win and it sends Javonny and Cely home in one fell swoop.

TJ drops a bomb on the contestants:

An algorithm will pair people up going forward, eliminating the need for strategy.

Angela and Tyson are shocked because they thought they could run the game together.



The Challenge: USA
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