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The episode opened with the Colvin presenting her information to the Grand Jury. Wysocki and Evers went to the witness, Ronnie’s house to pick him up to testify to the Grand Jury and found he had packed some bags and left.

Meanwhile, Gibbons was informed that there was a Grand Jury as one of the women on the jury is friends with the wife of Gibbons chief of staff, also he found out there was an undercover copy in Killian’s organization. 

The race was on, Killian looking for the witness, Wysocki and some trusted officers looking for the Ronnie and Gibbons trying to find out who the undercover cop was.  Liam and Mikey are sent to the Ronnie’s girlfriend, Penny’s house where they convinced Penny to contact Ronnie with an offer to leave the country.  Mikey got new orders to kill both of them once Ronnie arrived.

Ronnie arrived and instead of killing them, Liam killed Mikey and then hid Penny and Ronnie while he went after Killian’s daughter Beth in the hopes of getting his hands on the transaction ledgers showing payoffs. 

When Colvin learned that Gibbons was on to her she had Killian arrested and while trying to get him to flip on Gibbons Wysocki and Evers went after Beth presuming that Liam would be with her. Liam was with her and just as he got the ledger she learned who he was and shot him in the shoulder. He returned fire and shot him in the leg. 

Wysocki and Evers showed up in time to keep the rest of Killians men from killing him but he was in bad shape when he got to the hospital. Wysocki went back to his office and found Gibbons sitting there. Gibbons offered to tell Wysocki who killed his brother if he would make the Grand Jury issue go away.  


The Chicago Code
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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Wysocki: You ok?
Evers: I'm fine
Wysocki: That wasn't a good shooting that was a great shooting. You know that?
Evers: I know that, I'm good

Gibbons: Know this, I want to tell you who's responsible for your brother, I want to give you justice. Now, can we help each other?
Wysocki: Get out of here before I shoot you in the head.