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The episode opened with Colvin on a radio talk show.  During the show an anonymous caller called in and bad mouthed her performance. Before she could reply Bidwell brought in her phone, and showed her a text message.

The text message turned out to be about a mass shooting that took place two blocks from the famous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Colvin and Bidwell met Wysocki and Evers as the crime scene. While discussing where to start investigating, Colvin got a call from the Mayor’s office that turned out to be the Mayor himself, not his office.

 Colvin met the Mayor at a function that had a lot of press. The Mayor talked for a moment and then put the work on Colvin. Colvin in turn put the load on Wysocki to find the shooters. Meanwhile, Vonda and Isaac had to meet with an attorney who is suing the city over a case they worked.

Wysocki and Evers managed to track down the leader of the gang that did the shooting. It turned out that the guy they thought was the leader turned out to be a patsy and the real leader was his sister who worked in the Court House.

Colvin spoke before a group of officers before a vote of no confidence was taken and she won at 54% Wysocki told her he always knew she would win. 

The Chicago Code
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The Chicago Code Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Colvin: No one mention the person we wanted to see is brain dead?
Bidwell: Never asked about his condition, it was my mistake.

Wysocki: You find out who Joe Anonymous is?
Colvin: You heard the show?
Wysocki: [nod]
Colvin: Everyone heard the show?
Wysocki: [nod]