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There was no Gibbons this week, but there was the case of a Chicago nightclub that effectively serves as a brothel.

The Mayor's office wanted the police to stay away from it because many of its clients were wealthy donors, which led t an obvious development: Teresa yelled at Caleb and Jarek to drop the case, but we knew she didn't really mean it. Jarek pursued it, closed down the venue and found the killer of a rich man's son... all without letting Caleb in on many details of the investigation.

This led to a confrontation between partners near the end of the installment, as Caleb said he knew Jarek was cheating on his fiancee with his ex and also told him to stop lying to his partner.

Elsewhere, Vonda covered for Moose. The latter didn't fully frisk a suspect, which led to a shooting inside Vonda and Isaac's car. Why did Vonda take the blame? Because she knew she had to endear herself to Moose or else she'd get thrown off his task force, considering his disdain for Jarek. Smart woman.

The Chicago Code
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