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Garrett raided the casino and arrested another one of Hayak's men.

Fiona barely speaks to Thony and is furious that she didn't trust her with her double life.

Hayak scoffs at the FBI raid.

Thony meets with Garrett and wants a Visa. He tries to apologize for the ICE raid.

Thony asks Arman for help from an organ donor.

Arman and Thony meet with Bosco, the coyote. He agrees to help and tells Thony to get in the van. There are families in there.

Isabel questions Arman about the FBI, hoping he'll tell her the truth. He told her to ask Hayak.

Bosco took Thony to the ranch to meet Mother Donna.

Mother Donna says it would be 70K for the transplant, but when she hears Thony was a surgeon offers to let her perform surgeries as payment instead.

She explained these people donate kidneys to cross over and be reunited with their families.

Thony agrees to do three kidney removals to save Luca's life for the liver transplant.

Arman had Thony give Garrett a tip about Hayak's trucks. Garrett and Renee chased some of the trucks and were horrified to find fruit in them. Arman got the guns out.

Thony and Dr. Nnamdi bond over practicing medicine.

Isabel questions Hawak why the FBI is interested in their business and threatens to quit.

Thony refuses to operate on a child and walks out.

Garrett suspects they are being played.

Arman sees Thony crying at work. She tells him the donor didn't work out. Arman embraces her, promising things will work out. They begin kissing, and after a few minutes, she runs out.

When she returns home, Marco is there.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Thony: I wanted to protect you and the kids. I wanted to keep you out of it.
Fiona: How do you think not telling me protected us? We were nearly deported and Gabby did get deported because of you! She’s separated from her kids who have no idea when or if they’re ever going to see their mother again.

Arman: You all done here?
Garrett: For now.
Arman: Get the hell out of my club.