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The ladies were toasting and celebrating on the bus until Thony saw ICE.

All of the cleaning ladies were detained.

No one cares about anyone's name or if they are hurt in the detention center.

Thony is horrified Garrett is behind this raid,

Thony agrees to help Garett if he releases her friends.

Hayak announced he was leaving the hotel and casino to Isabel.

Thony overheard Arman and Nadia arguing over Hayak giving the business to Isabel. She saw Nadia have a meltdown.

Arman and Thony talked about everything until he got suspicious.

Arman felt betrayed when he heard Thony was playing both sides.

Thony told Garrett she couldn't get a recording because Arman got suspicious.

Arman learned that Hayal only saw him as the help as he talked down to him.

Arman agreed to help Thony and gave her the laptop. She won't give it to Garrett until he releases her friends.

Fiona called the kids and learned Thony was out.

The new clerk at the jail is clueless and has no idea of Garrett's plan.

Gabby and Fiona were separated, and Agent Russo could only locate one of them.

Garrett and Thony followed the deportation bus, and Garrett used his FBI credentials to get Fiona off the bus. She and Thony reunited.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Thony: You did this?
Garrett: No, Thony, you did ( throws her necklace on the table.)

It’s a raid! Run!