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The detective stops by the house to report the motel clerk is missing and he had some interesting videos at his apartment. Chris freaks out.

Nadia has thrown Arman's stuff on the lawn and is done. She's tired of being second best.

Chris is still distracted. When JD drops by, Jaz suggests her parents get married, and JD adopts Chris so he's not undocumented.

She thinks this is bothering him, but he snaps at her and takes off.

After Robert gets suspicious of Arman's colossal payment, Nadia and Robert drop by to see the side business.

Robert was impressed by the side hustle. He wants in, and he knows a distributor. It was almost too easy.

Arman warns Nadia to stay away from Robert, knowing what's happening. She thinks he made her look like a fool.

Cortes wants to get to know Arman and Thony and what kind of meds they get. He keeps Thony as a hostage until Arman returns with meds.

Garrett notices that Thony is left alone in Cortes' house.

Fiona couldn't reach Thony, so she called JD. She can't find Chris. She broke down and told him everything.

JD found Chris at the police station. He promised to be there for Fiona and the kids.

Maya and Thony come face to face.

The guards inform Cortes the cops are there. Maya pretends to shoot Thony, and then the two try to escape.

Maya turns her gun on Cortez. Hearing him admit he abused her, Garrett shoots him.

The Cleaning Lady
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The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Arman: Kamdar is a threat to us!
Nadia: There is no more us! It’s not because of Robert. It’s because of you.

Chris: What if they see what happened? They’ll know I did it.
Fiona: Keep your voice down.
Chris: Why are not freaking out now, Mom? They’re going to find me!
Fiona: I won’t let that happen.