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-Taylor takes over the salon and Linette quits.

-Georgia fires Dee Ann when she finds out she's been having a relationship with a councilman who's on the list. The councilman threatens Georgia and offers Cliff a promotion to get him to stop protecting her.

-Riley encourages her friend Luke to tell his best friend Kendra that he's in love with her. Kendra is confused over her feelings for Luke and fiance Bobby.

-Dr. Mark takes Riley on a date to a country club event where Selena crashes with Evan. Evan quickly realizes that Selena's playing games to get under Riley's skin and he breaks up with her.

-Riley realizes that she doesn't have very much in common with Dr. Mark and they break up.

-Katie runs away when Mark wants to help her with her soccer. Everyone frantically searches for her. Two hours later Riley and Evan find her on the soccer field.

-Once Katie's in bed, relief finally hits and Evan and Riley kiss. Evan leaves and they promise to talk later.

-Riley goes to answer the door thinking it's Evan only to find Kyle has finally come home.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

The only emergency is how tense you are and I'd call 911 if I weren't so good at my job.


Good looking, successful, great dad. Is it too soon for a nickname?