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-Riley gets a promoted to manager and tells Selena she can't take outside clients. Serena's furious and sabotage's Riley's appointments.

-Jolene tells Riley to watch her back. Riley decides she can't take the promotion with so much going on at home but gets her client back from Selena.

-Katie is suspended from school for a day for cursing and bullying a boy named Zack. Zack made a comment about her Daddy that upset her.

-Evan finds out that Kyle used his passport to head to Mexico. He tells Riley who decides it's time to tell the kids the truth.

-Linette brings her new boyfriend, Garrett to their Sunday family dinner. Despite the chaos of the evening, he asks her out on another date.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Let's go give your grandmother a conniption.


Riley: What are they doing to you in that board room?
Don: Not what you're doing here, that's for sure.