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-Kyle calls Riley but hangs up without talking. Then his cell phone is disconnected. When Riley frets about it at work, Georgia offers to take the girls out for drinks to take her mind off of it.

-Riley drinks too much at the karaoke bar and Georgia calls Evan to drive her home.

-Riley finds a slip of paper in one of Kyle's jackets. It has the name Max and a phone #. She calls and gets voicemail only to find out that Max is really Maxine.

-Linette tells Riley to forget about Max and Kyle and move on but Riley goes to see Max. Maxine tells her she met Kyle in Narcotics Anonymous. He was addicted to pain pills after his accident but they weren't having an affair. 

-Neither Riley nor Evan had any idea that Kyle had a drug problem. 

-Riley dreams that Kyle comes home but accuses her of being a whore.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I wish Daddy would show us some face time.


I don't know if he's so hot because he's gorgeous or because he can actually do laundry.