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Riley and Evan face the challenges in relationship on this episode of The Client List.

Selena and Nikki watch Derek shower after he walks in on Selena shirtless.

Linette wants Katie to join the pageant circuit.

Lacey and Dale go to fertility specialist.

One of the Client's wants to give his son a happy ending on the Client List for his going away to college gift.

Riley let's Katie be in a pageant if Kyle takes the blame if Katie hates it.

Nikki ends up with a client who is her professor and can't go through with it.

Riley crossed paths with a client at the Curl Up and Dry.

Katie catches Evan and Riley kissing.

Evan takes Travis to see Kyle.

Riley and Katie preform in the pageant and Katie wins Best Personality Princess.

Lacey only has a 10 percent chance of getting pregnant with her eggs.

Riley decides to honor her commitment and drops Evan.

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The Client List Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm just trying to wrap my head around a parent buying their kid a happy ending!


Hey! The next time y'all wanna spy on one of my employees....please come to my office and get me!