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Even goes undercover during a massage parlor raid.

Riley is planning Georgia's wedding.

Dale is giving Kyle advice on how to win back Riley.

Riley, Kyle, Dale and Lacey share a dinner like old times.

Dale takes Lacey to the batting cages.

Kyle visits Riley at The Rub.

Riley tells Kyle she essentially owns The Rub.

Evan is in on a sting for massage places to find the "dirty' ones.

Kyle doesn't get a job after his potential employer runs a background check.

Riley calms down Georgia before her wedding with memories of meeting Harold.

Kyle baked Georgia's wedding cake.

Harold and Georgia marry before the actual wedding and just get to the party.

Lacey forgets their anniversary.

Dale proposes to Lacey again, with a real diamond ring this time.

Riley hears about the raid on a massage parlor for prostitution.



The Client List
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The Client List Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I don't mean to be a fuss, you know, but this has got to be right. This is my chance for a fresh start.


They did a background check. I didn't get the job.