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Evan takes Riley on a date on this episode of The Client List.

Georgia introduces Riley to her new man, Harold.

Georgia warns Riley about the client list just before the Houston Police arrive at her house.

Riley is making deals in jail.

Riley interviews for new girls for the spa. The can be legit or take it to the next level.

Kyle sends money to Riley from inside.

The HPD show up at The Rub looking for the copper wire money, without a search warrant.

Riley uses the cash from Kyle to try to pay off the man from whom he stole.

Kyle calls Riley while she's on a date with Evan.

Georgia calls in another favor with Judge Louboutin and the search of The Rub is called off.

Riley's new masseuse, Nikki, has no problem with the extras that go with the job at The Rub.

Riley finally properly hides the client list.

Linette is in an accident.

The Client List
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The Client List Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Riley, whatever you did with the client list, make sure it's good and hidden. There is no time to explain. Trust me.


Riley: You know, some girls would get their feelings hurt because you cry, Walter.
Walter: I know, that's why you're my favorite. You get me.