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Two mounted police come across a guy doing drugs in an alley, and he claims he was mugged.

He's a wealthy man's son, Trey Gavin, who has an MBA. There was blood on his shirt, and since Chief Delk doesn't want major crimes sitting around waiting for a crime, the case ends up on their desk. When interrogated, he says he was at a high-cost rehab paid for by his parents. He was found with a set of Mercedes keys and says a man on the street named “Sarge” goes after a lot of people on the street, and it was he who had the keys.
The vehicle keys lead to a man named Mr. Adams, whose 22 year old daughter had taken his car out the night before, and who had not been home since the night before.

Sarge is located and brought in for questioning. When he gets there, Gabriel is visibly upset and questions Deputy Chief Johnson's judgment on how she intends to handle the interrogation. He calls Chief Pope. Pope doesn't understand why he has been called in.

Trey is coming down off of crack, breaks the window in the interrogation room and remains concerned about Brenda talking to his parents. He keeps up his story that he was in a fight with Sarge, and that Sarge used his shit to rub blood from his nose off of his face.

Meanwhile, Provenza finds the stolen Mercedes close to where Trey was found. A girl is in the trunk. She was stabbed 18 times and she was beaten so badly her jaw was broken in three places. Just as they get ready to leave the autopsy room, Brenda notices a tattoo on the girls ankle. The girl is not the Mr. Adam's daughter, so she is still missing.

Pope calls Fritz, and when he arrives he questions Brenda's interrogation of Trey. Because she doesn't believe that Trey is capable of killing, Fritz tries to explain to her, using his own past, the realities of addiction.

They found ATM video of the assault. Brenda wants to know how she got it so wrong, and Fritz says because she's used to siding with the victim, and that's the nature of an addict. She goes back to further question Trey.

Brenda weaves a tale that Trey won't be responsible for anything that occurred within a 12 hour window of his receiving treatment, and he breaks and says he will tell her where Kim Adams is. She is found in a tractor trailer, bound, but alive. He was going to hold both girls hostage until they were able to get more money within their 24 hour window.

He's arrested for murder and Brenda decides it's time to learn about Fritz's past.

The Closer
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The Closer Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Brenda: Where'd you get this?
Sarge: You just put it on the table.

You know, it's a little early for you to start acting like I don't matter anymore. I mean, you may be right; but then again, you may be wrong.

Chief Pope