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Chief Delk assigns a crime of marijuana dispensaries to major crimes, even though Chief Pope has already assigned them a cold case. Delk's case takes priority, and he also tells Brenda that he is not above reassigning people, including her, if they better fit other positions. He then suggests that she could be considered for Assistant Chief of Operations, which is Will Pope's job.

Shortly after being assigned the marijuana case, there is another robbery which includes a murder. Chief Delk apologizes to the team for his good instinct, but bad timing.

Because Provenza is so negative toward the dispensaries, Chief Delk assigns him as the LAPD liaison to the medical marijuana community.

The person who was murdered invented Shea's Lounge, a hybrid medical marijuana that has a high THC content and is therefore very sought after by the community.

After the squad receives a tip that another store is next on the robbery list, they go undercover to try to catch the criminals They successfully stop the robbery, only for Tao to determine the guns they were using were fake. They did not have the weapon in their possession.

Former stunt men and want-to-be actors are responsible for the crimes, but deny their right to counsel when they are accused of murder. They used fake guns to commit the crimes because of their belief they would not then be held accountable for armed robbery.

Fritz is speaking with Delk about Brenda getting the promotion to Assistant Chief of Operations, and Brenda finally breaks. She tells Fritz that she doesn't like him telling her who she should work with because she is happy where she is and that the best way to ensure she gets to keep her job is to ensure Pope keeps his. Fritz tells Brenda Pope is on his way out. If she doesn't take the job, she could be working for someone she doesn't like, or Commander Taylor could get Pope's job.

In the end, it was the partner of the murdered dispensary owner who committed the crime. His partner was underselling and selling for less than market value because he cared more about the patients than the profit.

Brenda went to Chief Pope and told him that Delk offered her his job. When Pope says he's giving up because he thinks it's either jump or be pushed, Brenda asks him to fight. She says she needs him to hold the line during the reorganization because she can't do it on her own.

The Closer
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The Closer Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Delk: How old are you?
Provenza: Six chiefs and counting. Which is how I know that if you deal drugs, you vastly increase your chances you'll end up dead. I'm looow on sympathy here.
Delk: That's too bad. Because as of now, you're the LAPD liaison for the medical marijuana community for the rest of this investigation.

Brenda: What else do these eleven stores have in common?
Provenza: Other than free love and patchouli oil?