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Picking up where we left off last week, it's now Christmas morning and all members of Skander's family has been killed, with the exception of the uncle he never knew and his wife and children.

The coroner determines Skander's aunt is also riddled with past torture scars. This requires major crimes to do as much research into honor killings and the Albanian/Serbian conflict.

Commander Taylor is recruited to act as Santa to deliver the donated gifts to needy families.

Brenda's parents' motor home was robbed and they took all of their Christmas gifts, as well as their microwave. Her mom determines that describing the wrapping paper might be of assistance in finding the robbers.

When the blood results come back from the bullet lodged in the grandfather's back, Brenda and Lt. Gabriel play the tape of the argument between Armand and his father before his father was run over for Armand Marku's wife. The old man was saying that Armand was not his son; that he was a ghost.

Provenza then asks Skander why his grandfather said his uncle was dead. He said ghosts came in and killed people in the middle of the night. He thought ghosts referred to the Serbian police. The ghosts came and stole his daughters and shot him in the back, then shooting Armand twice in the chest. He collapsed and died on top of his father. His daughters suffered terrible things and a baby girl was also killed.

Mrs. Marku realizes the man she married is a war criminal. She waffles saying that both sides were considered the bad guys at some point, and she struggled as Brenda lead her to realize the situation she was in. Armand told her there was blood in the car, and once Brenda said she would search the car, Mrs. Marku became the wife, and attorney, attorney saying anything she says cannot be used against her husband.

The bullet turned out to belong to guns issued to the Serbian police. Armand was not Armand at all, but rather one of the Serbian police who tortured Armand's sisters, and Skander's mother. He was also Skander's father.

Fritz runs Armand's prints and cannot find any link to him in any database of wanted war criminals. Fritz and Brenda interrogate him and Armand then told another story. A sort of Romeo and Juliet, where a Serbian boy fell in love with an Albanian woman, who was not only hated by her father but her but by everyone else, as well. They say he can identify himself, and if he is not on the list, they will let him take Skander and go. Once Armand admits his real name, the husband/wife bond is broken and they can search the car.

As Armand talks to Brenda in the room, he becomes increasingly angry, wondering how anyone cannot see what the Albanians did to his people. Fritz comes back and tells him he is under arrest for the murder of the women, he walks to his wife and says he has always loved her. She tells him she is taking Skander and his other children and he will never see any of them again.

The Closer
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The Closer Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Brenda: Any luck getting my present from you?
Fritz: You didn't really think I was going to find an Albanian translator on Christmas Day, did you?
Brenda: Oh, I ask you for one thing...

Coroner: You know that moment every year when it suddenly begins to feel like Christmas?
Brenda: Yes.
Coroner: Not happening to me.