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Brenda's attorney begins depositions with the major crimes division.

Brenda and Raydor worked together without incident.

Fritz's life was in danger as Brenda acted as security detail for a witness.

Brenda figures out the government witness is responsible for the snitch's murder and his attorney is playing two sides.

Gavin saw Brenda in action for the first time.

Provenza and major crimes go to the mat for Brenda and their team.

Gavin thinks the case against Brenda is all but won, and tells "the leak" to take that information to the other side.

The Closer
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The Closer Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Brenda: Captain Raydor?
Raydor: Chief Johnson?
Brenda: I have a complaint.
Raydor: When have you not?

Gabriel: Man, I hate being in here.
Brenda: Without a gun, too.