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From the Season Finale
Watch The Closer Season 6 Episode 15
"An Ugly Game"
Original Air Date:

Brenda searches for a missing woman on this season finale, while Gabriel questions her judgment. The show's main character also learns some secrets about her husband.

A Closer Christmas
Watch The Closer Season 6 Episode 14
"Living Proof: Part Two"
Original Air Date:

Brenda turns to her parents on this episode of The Closer after their RV gets robbed. It's not the kind of Christmas the family had in mind.

Stuck at the Office
Watch The Closer Season 6 Episode 13
"Living Proof: Part One"
Original Air Date:

A stabbing death and an announcement from her parents play a role in Brenda's holiday plans this week. Read on for a recap of "Living Proof: Part One."

High Crimes Scene
Watch The Closer Season 6 Episode 12
"High Crimes"
Original Air Date:

Medical marijuana dispensaries are robbed at the outset of this episode. From there, one of the culprits changes the course of the team's investigation, giving Brenda a chance at a promotion.

Brenda and Company
Watch The Closer Season 6 Episode 11
"Old Money"
Original Air Date:

The Closer is back after a three-month hiatus. On this episode, a detective is injured and an investigation turns into a lot more than expected.

The Closer Season 6 Quotes

Gabriel: I just ran into Captain Raydor in the hallway and she said hello to me.
Provenza: She's up to something.

So there is a hell.