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Col. Turnbull goes to see her son Adam in Germany. Trey is acting JAG. Lt. Zephyr "Tark" Tarkanian is being charged with desertion. Tark said he stayed behind because he was protecting his mission to protect a nearby Syrian village. The team reaches a plea agreement for Tark by text. Alex is hiding her relationship with Abe from her kids, but Dani catches them embracing. Glenn discovers Adam was scheduled for a leg amputation even though she'd been told he was just dehydrated. Tark rejects the plea deal. Adam's leg had gotten grangrenous so it had to be amputated. Abe, Harper and Maya head to Syria. All those interviewed by Abe and Maya refuse to identify Tark. Harper gets caught in a firefight. Capt. Dyer is killed, which puts Harper next in the chain of command. Adam wants to get back in the battle with his unit, refusing to go home. Harper and her men climb up on a roof and drive off the attackers. Abe refuses to make a deal with Tark, because three Marines were killed after Tark's grandstanding. Abe wants Harper to step aside but she refuses. Still she seems scattered in court. Trey wants him to settle. Abe wonders what's going on with Alex. Rami brought Harper's backpack back to her. He asks her if she feels different after combat. Harper finds photos of Tark in the peach box which Dyer had given her.  The photos prove that Tark fought in a battle with enemy combatants, which is a war crime. But Abe can't introduce them this far into the court martial. Abe drops the charges and Tark gets the Medal of Honor. Alex tries to let Abe choose to walk away from her family but he won't. Harper goes to Dyer's funeral.

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Some of us were built to fight.


Trey: Lt. Dobbins will be putting her favorite defense attorney on this case.
Abe: You mean herself?