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Trey's wife Nona miscarried. Prosecutor Col. "Kit" Schuykill said the charge against Abe has nothing to do with his agreeing to testify in Alex's suit. Abe tells Trey and Maya about Geiger's visit telling him to drop out of the suit. Recalling the night of the engagement at his court martial, Abe testified there was civilians on the compound taken over by the Taliban so he recommended cancelling the airstrike but was overruled. Abe took in one fire team of five Marines to try to  rescue the civilians. Abe was the only survivor. Harper lights into Schuykill for prosecuting Abe. He threatens to ruin her if she doesn't give her best work for the prosecution. Abe tells Trey that he'll be a father someday. Glenn was named brigadier general, one of six in the Marine Corps. Maya confronts Geiger at an oncology clinic in Hawaii. Abe recalled that he went after the Taliban leader with one other Marine, Pfc. Dixon. Maya decides not to quit the Marines to run for office. Geiger admits there was a conspiracy to frame Abe but he was on morphine and dies before the drugs wear off, so his testimony couldn't be used. The Taliban leader got away and an airstrike would have killed him. Kit hammers home the fact that 43 others were killed before the leader was eventually killed by a drone strike five years later. Abe blamed himself because Dixon was captured and eventually beheaded while following Abe's order to create a landing zone. Kit said Abe mutinied by not following orders, while Maya argues that the order was unlawful because of the rules of engagement protecting civilians. Abe is cleared by a split panel, 5-4. Matt drops out of the race. Rami becomes a citizen. 

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The Code Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

The national party was going to give me a gift-wrapped campaign.

Maya [to Trey]

We are going to kill this stupid stunt before it goes any further.