Travels in Afghanistan - The Code
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Harper is awarded the Bronze Star for her leadership during combat in Syria. Then she joins Abe on a flight to Afghanistan to investigate the killing of Capt. Zarbone, an Afghan commander, on a U.S. base. Adam is having pain in his stump, and a physical therapist helps him. Zarbone was dealing hashish. An Afghan woman identifies a Marine who was buying drugs, and he's accused of killing Zarbone. Maya and Trey will defend him. Another Marine, Lt. Carter, said she shot Zarbone instead. She said it was self-defense. Glenn and her husband Asa disagree over treatment for Adam. He suggests they go back to couples therapy, in order to help Adam. Sgt. Day testified that Carter broke into the commander's office to rescue a village boy who was being used to sex. She killed him to save an abused child. No one will help the lawyers find the boy that was rescued. Maya is worried about her brother's delusional disorder. Maya got Rami reassigned temporarily as a translator. Rami found the boy at soccer practice. Harper got the judge an engraved hammer as a makeshift gavel. The boy testified that Zarbone didn't touch or threaten him. Carter can only argue self-defense if the boy was in danger. Trey refused to make a deal. Harper said her family is pressuring her to go back to civilian life. In the midst of a therapy session, Glenn walks out. Carter is going to have to testify since the defense can't try Zarbone's past crimes. She said she believed the boy was terrified of Zarbone, which doesn't meet the standard for self-defense. The lawyers question the boy's mother in the middle of the night. Her husband sold their son to Zarbone. In the morning, Abe drops the charges. Trey's wife is pregnant. 

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Glenn: I'm sorry if I was curt before. You obviously know what you're doing.
Physical therapist: 1,500 amputees, ma'am.

Abe: Glen "One N" wasn't supposed to give you those files until I was airborne.
Harper: And you trusted him?