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Sgt. Grsezak is charged with abandoning his post during a firefight. Col. Turman assigns Maya to represent Grsezak while Abe and new staffer Lt. Harper Li will prosecute. Trey stays behind because his wife is ovulating and they're trying to start a family, so he sends Harper. Grsezak said he ducked into a building to go after the combatant with an RPG on the roof. Abe and Maya go to investigate what actually happened. The scene on the rooftop doesn't match Grsezak's description at all. Glenn and Trey are charged with negotiating a change in the status of forces agreement with Spain. Rawson Kiefer, a State Department rep, refuses to approve any changes. A boy identifies Grsezak as the man who hid in the basement with him during the fighting. Abe, Maya, and Harper reach agreement on a deal but Grsezak refuses it, saying he did nothing wrong. He wants to go to trial. Offended by Kiefer, the Spanish delegation refuses to come to the negotiations. Abe lets Harper do the opening statement. The boy identified Grsezak as having a set of red dog tags, indicating a special medical condition, the only such set in his unit. Grsezak starts hyperventilating then collapses. Maya thinks Grsezak had a panic attack during the firefight. But he doesn't want to use that defense. Trey tries to keep the negotiations going with Ruben Corredor, a junior member of the Spanish delegation. Grsezak was self-medicating his panic condition by buying black-market medication. Trey convinces Kiefer to sign off on his plan to mollify the Spaniards. Grsezak admits to illegally finding a way to serve despite his panic attacks and pleads guilty. Abe arranged for Harper to get a four-day leave to work on her wedding details. Glenn's Marine son is killed in action. 

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You just violated the chain of command twice in one sentence.

Glenn [to Abe]

Rami: You are not in fact early. You are ...
Abe: I know what the opposite of early is.