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A terrorist escapes from Guantanamo Bay. Gunnery Sgt. Miles Wicks is caught in a gas mask deleting security footage and charged as the terrorist's accomplice. Maya and Trey are unexpectedly relieved as defense counsel by Major Acevado, which seems odd to both of them. Wicks is claiming Lt. Col. McCoy, his superior officer, ordered him to help get the terrorist out for medical reasons. Maya visits Rami in his new assignment. Maya wants to bring him to his brother's fundraiser to raise awareness for his cause, but he's on call 24 hours a day. Abe tells Harper that he and Alex are taking a break in their relationship because of Alex's case. Maya and Trey are conspiring to get Rami released from his new post. Abe gets heavily redacted key evidence. Abe needs a continuance to find a new approach to get the evidence. Trey gets into it with Col. Maddox over Rami, threatening to come down hard on any of her employees that get in legal trouble. Col. Judge Zugler denies an extension. Zugler further hamstrings them by hearing the case in private and strickening any mention of online conversations between McCoy and Wicks. Abe asks Glenn to check for intel from her estranged husband Asa. Harper flies to New York to ask Bard to delay the wedding so she can go to Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape School in Maine. Asa finds out Wicks and McCoy are both embedded CIA assets and they abducted the terrorist. Maya urges Rami to take his citizenship test because they can't find any other way out for him. To Acevado, Abe threatens to expose Wicks and McCoy as CIA if the terrorist isn't returned, and he is. Abe and Alex are seeing each other in secret. Harper breaks up with Bard.

The Code
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The Code Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Sgt. Wilks helped a terrorist escape from the most secure facility in the world. And it seems like the Marine Corps wants him acquitted.

Maya [to Trey]

Your repartee is squared away as always, Glen "One N."