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On The Conners Season 1 Episode 1, the family is trying to cope without Roseanne around. Darlene has decided to take over the mantle. Darlene tries to get Becky on board but Becky explains she is not ready to be around more death considering she is still raw after the death of her own husband. 

Jackie soon finds out Roseanne had actualy passed away due to an opioid overdose. Dan doesn't want to believe the truth but Becky reveals she found a bottle of pills hidden in Roseanne's things. Dan reads the name on the pills and realizes Roseanne was taking a woman named Marcy's pills. Dan blasts Marcy by putting up a sign on his truck explaining it's because of Marcy, Roseanne is now dead. Marcy ends up coming over to the house later in the evening and explains she didn't know Roseanne had a problem. Dan doesn't want to hear her excuse but before he can say more Darlene comes outside and reveals Roseanne was getting pills from others as well because they found more pills hidden. Dan realized his wife had a bigger problem then he had previously thought. 

Meanwhile, Jackie is determined to clean and organize the house because she doesn't want to leave. Jackie believes once she leaves the house she is letting go of a piece of Roseanne. Darlene explains she needs to go home to sleep and the moment she comes back in the morning Roseanne will still be there with them. 

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The Conners Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mark: It's been three weeks since Grannie Rosie's funeral, why are people still giving us casseroles?
Harris: And why do people bring casseroles when somebody dies?

Jackie: What was this, tuna casserole or potato salad?
Darlene: It doesn't matter. It's just stuff and mayonnaise.