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On The Conners Season 1 Episode 3, the Conner family prepared for their favorite season of Halloween. Becky was determined to win a costume contest and wanted to get everyone together for a family photo. Unfortunately, things took a turn when Mark found out the costume he intended to wear to his schools festival was banned along with an extremely long list of costumes. Mark tries to get Darlene to call the school but she doesn't have the time as she has an interview with a restaurant because she needs a second job. 

Darlene convinces Mark to just make a new costume. Mark creates a new costume and decides to be Frida Kahlo as he is a huge fan of hers. Darlene and Mark head to the festival but they are told Mark won't be able to go in because his costume is considered offensive to the Mexican culture. Darlene fights back by saying Mark created the costume out of love for Frida Kahlo and it is cultural appreciation. The school stands firm and they both end up leaving. Mark tells Darlene he is proud of her for speaking up for him and appreciates the fact she didn't give in. 

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The Conners
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The Conners Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Harris: Oh my god! You guys won't believe what happened. I passed my driving test!
Jackie: Apparently it's pass everyone day.
Harris: Come on! I'm not that bad of a driver.
Jackie: I let you drive home and you made a garbage truck swerve. You don't see something that big on two wheels everyday.

Hey, this is a good box. We got a bloody foot on a hook and a dissected alien and some tax returns. Ooooh! The IRS believes we have a home office.